Thursday, March 12, 2009

A shoulder to cry on

Have you ever lend your shoulder to your loved ones or friends when they need someone to confide? R u the one that willing and be patience by listening their problems, tolerate the grumbling and crying part? I remembered the song "A shoulder to cry on" by Tommy Page back in the 90's. Meaningful song. There is 1 close friend of mine calling me in the middle of night at 2am telling me that she wanted to commit suicide due to some problems she is facing. Then tried to sort her things out in rational ways and explained to her eventhought i was extremely sleepy. Finally she went to sleep lorr. So in the end, i felt accomplished yet happy as able to help a friend preventing her from doing 1 wrong step ahead. Lend your shoulder to your love ones and friends if they need it. You don't know when its ur turn back...

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