Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Matters

OOpppppsss.. forget to post up something yesterday. Gomenasai! I went for Chinese movie ; 'Love Matters 'today. A film directed by jack Neo about a revolving 52-year-old uncle who leads a routine life attempts to revive the passion with his wife and their accidental journey in seeking and keeping love and happiness. 2 thumbs up for the movie. Great to watch and funny movie too.

As i was watching the movie, my head is thinking... will i lead the same life as the characters potrays? Will our passion in keeping love and happiness in our marriage will wither once we get old and have childrens or grandchildrens? People always say the key to long lasting marriage is both husband and wife need to tolerate with each other. Perhaps it's happen in old days.. But nowadays in modernization world.. in my opinion,its kinda difficult to apply this theory though...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I talented?

Ok. I 'm still not going to blog my Bali trip :p.
Today our English and Assesment class were cancelled and called to attend 1 day seminar organised by UKM and John Hopkins University on Center For Talented Group = GENIUS PEOPLE. Really open my eyes... gee... i 'don't even know thereis a center for genius people exists. I thought they were sent off just like that by their parents to Oxford or Cambrigde or Harvard for advancement in their studies..Very good seminar with 2 professional speakers from the center, Dr Julian and Dr Patricia. Really admired them for their passion and dedications in their research about gifted children.

Meanwhile I' m still scratching my head on blogging.... am i talented? Perhapsssss in another area i guess..... the picture above says it all.. haha

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok. Today i'm not going to blog about the unsucessful attempt of my Bali Trip that i want to post it yesterday. I need to blog continously 2 weeks for my blog assignment. 2 weeks without any readers here and wondering when is our funky lecturer Mr Zol will start reading my blog. Strangely, in here, i felt like talking to myself..... Hello is anyone out there??? (With the long echo sound effect). So lonely till i can hear AKON song playing in my head.. " lonely, i'm so lonely, all on my own"......singing all the way.

Monday, February 23, 2009

1st time Blogging

Dun know how to say it. First i create this blog for my today assignment. Full of motivation, I post something about Bali trip i went. Kinda long winding post. Full of passion, i loaded the images. Then i click 'publish post'. Then the internet explorer read : Internet Explorer could not open the website. Please check your internet connection. Then i decide to write this instead. Gee.. thanks a lot for the "good internet connection" in my 1st time experience in blogging.